Clearly you’ve found the site of one Rick Hensley. This particular Rick Hensley is not a German rocker. Nor is he a pastor of a large (or any size, for that matter) church. So who is this fellow whose site you now find yourself? With any luck that question isn’t really the one on your mind since you probably know me, and all of this previous banter was just rambling nonsense. Yes, that must be the case.

I dabble… in a lot of things. This also means that I’ve learned a little bit about a lot of things. Many of those things are seemingly random, unconnected, and even useless, but you’d be surprised how often the useless is useful. You can take my word for it… or not. Your call.

I like to play… mostly with cameras and computers. Accordingly, I tend to have photos or videos to share. That’s mostly what you’ll find on this site. Some of the photos will appear with not explanation, and others will have brief and not-so-brief text alongside them. The one way to find out is to click on each.

Although I now can be found in the 15th largest city in the US, I’m originally from a cow-town that until recently didn’t even have a real stoplight. I mean, there was that one next to the firehouse that only had a red light and only came on when the trucks were dispatching, but does that really count?

I do work in IT… but that doesn’t mean that I sit in a darkened closet all day writing code. I help the company I work for implement projects ranging from very small to those that affect the core of how we operate. I manage and design solutions inside of the Windows space, but the lines get a little blurry as to where Windows stops and something else begins sometimes. That means I stay plenty busy. Oh, and just because I work in IT doesn’t mean I know how to fix that thing on your computer: that’s just a stereotype.¬†Okay, that last sentence isn’t completely true; I might well know how to fix it.

I’m sure I’ll find some more stuff to ramble on about on other pages, so for now I’ll just say thanks for stopping by.